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Project Introduction

Suhan Pack Private Ltd. is a B2B manufacturer of packaging machines for products like Tea, Snacks, Spices, Liquid products and other daily use products. They manufacture a variety of machines like Automatic Pouch Packing Machine, Form fill and seal Packing Machine, Pneumatic Collar Type Packing Machine, Servo Auger Filler Packing Machine, Snuff Packing Machine, Tobacco Packing Machine. These machines are designed to help companies package their products efficiently and securely. Suhan Pack is committed to providing the best possible packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Industry type

Packaging machine manufacturer

Business type


Service we Provide

Logo Design, website design and development.






Initials “S” and “P” are used for Logo with a touch of Packaging on “S”

Brand Colour

Suhan Brand colour


No other color should be used, Variants of Black can
be used only as a background.


For Logo

Logo Typo Suhan



This font is used only in the Logo, Don’t use the font in any other brand designs.


For Website



Can be used for social media posts and Brand Merchands.

Designing a website

Objective –

The Objective was to Highlight the application category, Machines and their details.


  • Provided Application category on homepage
  • Highlighted their best Machines along with application use.

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