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Project Introduction

Ashwani Industries is a Dubai based Organic Product Manufacturing Company. Popular extraction methods used for producing these oils include steam distillation, water distillation, and cold pressing techniques. The essence of Natural Essential Oils also comes from the scent and flavour of the plants from which the oils are extracted

Industry type

Essential Oil Manufacturing

Business type


Service we Provide

Website design, development & branding



The logo has a simple concept, “A” letter with oil drops in it.

Brand Colour




This font is used in the website with these variations of weights.


Let's Breath

Designing a website

Objective –

As per discussion with the client, our main objective was to highlight the services they provide and a simple enquiry form for contact.


  • Provided sliding banners of their services along with CTA.
  • Few Products just to show the small picture and a brochure to download for those
    who wants in detail information.

Home page

Enquiry form for sending requirements

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